Data Bridge Service

The Data Bridge is a service that is aimed to solve the problem of tracking between related datasets within CCI and C3S. Many of the ECV datasets that were initially produced under CCI, have been either brokered, or go on to transition into an operational phase within the Copernicus Climate Change Service. However, the exact relationship between the data can vary between projects and can be complex.

A complication is that the way that a 'dataset' has been defined is generally different between CCI and C3S. In the case of C3S, the DOI’d landing page in the C3S Climate Data Store, contains multiple options that can be selected, some of which often correspond to the CCI datasets; however, it is also the case that a CCI dataset may also contain homogeneous subsets which are used separately. See Relation Types for the list of terms currently used to define relationships.

From the Datasets page you can select a dataset and then view information about related datasets.

The Sankey Diagram page allows you to view and download various diagrams depicting the relationships between selected datasets.

The API Docs have been generated from an Open API yaml file using Swagger UI. This docs page is an interactive page that allows you to query the service via the API.