Relation Types

Relation Type Description
IsContinuedBy Indicates A is continued by B
Continues Indicates A is a continuation of B
HasVersion Indicates A has a version B
IsVersionOf Indicates B has a version A
IsNewVersionOf Indicates A is a new edition of B, where the new edition has been modified or updated
IsPreviousVersionOf Indicates A is a previous edition of B
IsSupplementTo Indicates that A is a supplement to B
IsSupplementedBy Indicates that B is a supplement to A
IsPartOf Indicates A is a portion of B; may be used for elements of a series
HasPart Indicates A includes the part B
IsVariantFormOf Indicates A is a variant or different form of B
IsOriginalFormOf Indicates A is the original form of B
IsIdenticalTo Indicates that A is identical to B, for use when there is a need to register two separate instances of the same resource
IsDerivedFrom Indicates B is a source upon which A is based
IsSourceOf Indicates A is a source upon which B is based.
Obsoletes Indicates A replaces B
IsObsoletedBy Indicates A is replaced by B